Company Culture


                                                  Code Of Conduct
                                                  Only by creating value for customers can we create value for ourselves.

                                                  R&D Guidelines
                                                  Innovation is embedded in the market, labor still needs labor, interest is successful, and high-quality products come from persistence.

                                                  Management Guidelines

                                                  Ability to be the first, systematic thinking, based on professionalism, and attention to details.

                                                  Core Value

                                                  Taking technology as the guide and quality as the foundation; quality develops the market, service unites people's hearts; seeks survival by the market, and seeks development by concentricity.
                                                  In line with "technology creates value, innovation improves efficiency", we create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for the society.


                                                  Guangdong New Era New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

                                                  Jiangmen New Era External Use Drug Co., Ltd.


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